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Backup And Recovery

There are many ways that users can corrupt or lose information, including inadvertent file deletion, inadvertent file overwrite, new software install, lost or stolen computer, hardware failure, virus or hacker attack, and natural disaster. In any case, the cost of restoring the lost information, or restoring a computer to operation after a hardware or software failure, is high.

The high cost of data and system loss can more than offset the costs of providing effective protection. The plummeting prices and increasing capacities of storage devices allow organizations to cost justify client-side protection through storage management software that replicates critical data as well as system and application software in centralized storage facilities.

A storage management solution can easily pay for itself in a short period of time. Our solutions provide protection without requiring end-user intervention and without interrupting system availability to perform cumbersome backup procedures.

Protection is automatic and proactive to minimize the delay in replicating new or changed data. Ideally, new or changed data should be replicated as soon as it is committed to the disk drive, such as whenever a file is saved or closed. Furthermore, the solution automatically protect files that usually remain open during the entire PC session, such as email databases, without requiring any user action.

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