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STORAGEóIs your data safe?

Integrated hardware and software solutions for small and medium size companies that will accommodate all storage and safety needs

The explosion of information and the exponential growth of data is making storage a strategic investment priority for companies of all sizes. As storage becomes a priority, two major concerns have emerged: business continuity and business efficiency.

Business continuity requires storage that supports data availability so that employees, customers and trading partners can access data 24◊7 through reliable, disaster tolerant systems.

Business efficiency, where storage is concerned, is the need for investment protection, reduced total cost of ownership and high performance and manageability. Storage just canít be an afterthought anymore.

Regardless of their size, companies need to take a systematic approach to considering an assess of their storage needs. For them, it really becomes critical to make sure that their data is protected and safe. By optimizing the way they use their computers and networks, businesses can lower their operating costs and stay ahead of their competitors. By protecting properly their data, companies can avoid critical data losses and long downtimes.

AbcNetSolutions provides you with useful solutions and resources to help you plan and build your business storage infrastructure. We offer customized solutions for workgroup NAS (Network Attached Storage), which is the most reliable and simple to manage storage available! We will install it in minutes with no system or network downtime, and use the RAID feature for an added layer of backup protection. Add a single unit to a small, growing company or add dozens across multiple workgroups in an extended enterprise. Use it for: disk-based backup,file sharing, workstation backup, image archiving or web page storage.

AbcNetSolutions will evaluate, design and install the best solution that fits your company needs. Call us at (847) 266-2696 or fill out the Request for Quote form online and let us take care of your systems while you take care of your business.