We have solutions for each business’ unique storage and data configuration needs
Data Storage
Why is a Storage solution important?
  • Provide faster access to archived information
  • Ensure all vital documents are redundant
  • Protect your data from forces of nature or electronic disruptions
Backup and Recovery
Why is a Backup solution necessary?
  • Recover lost information more quickly
  • Protect your data from forces of nature or electronic disruptions
  • Perform more reliable and complete backups in less time
  • Automate and optimize your backup and recovery processes
Document Imaging
Why go digital?
  • Business Recovery from Natural Events
  • Compliance
  • Business Efficiency Improvement
  • Environmental Impact
Data Migration
Software solutions for migrating or consolidating your data:
  • Gathering, managing and analyzing data
  • Correct and verify consistency of information
  • Integration of data from many applications and databases
About abcNetSolutions
abcNetSolutions provides high quality and cost effective computer services in Chicago area.
  • Specifically geared toward small and medium-sized businesses
  • We help our customers to integrate the newest technologies effectively and efficiently in their business.
  • We help our customers to lower their operating costs and stay ahead of their competitors.
  • We provide solutions that solve business problems and are a low-cost alternative to hiring and retaining in-house computer specialists.
Why Choose abcNETsolutions?
  • Industry-leading vendor technologies
  • Full solution spectrum
  • Custom fit storage
  • Mitigation of data risks
  • Partner in your business’ success