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The new meaning of Document Management


The term "document management" once referred to paper documents only. This changed when document image processing systems delivered improvements to the filing, accessing and processing of what were still in essence paper-based systems. These days, of course, document management is not just about paper.

In our modern work environment, paper documents mix with a wide range of other media and content types such as electronic documents and voice and multimedia files.

Businesses need to capture, store, manage and distribute these documents quickly and efficiently. Today's business world demands that information be widely available, easily accessible and in a useable format.


Capture and Store

With a growing assortment of options to meet an organization's content management needs, it should be clear that the term "document management" can incorporate a wide range of services and technologies. However, two of the most important elements of any document management strategy are document capture and document storage.

Document capture is the process by which existing documents are imported and added to a data storage repository. Typically, document capture refers to document import and imaging. Document capture technologies, from scanners to specialized digital document cameras, are used to bring documents into your IT system in a format that suits your business needs.

Specialty document imaging equipment can greatly enhance your document management processes. Using a high-resolution digital imaging system, you can capture an entire 8 1/2" x 11" document, legible to 8 pt. type, and transmit details virtually invisible to the naked eye. Once inside your document management system, captured documents must be stored.

Document storage is a little more complex, since there are many variations on the ways in which documents are stored and retrieved. A multitude of storage options are available today for all ranges of businesses, designed specifically to relieve today's colossal file-serving and document storage headaches. For small and medium size businesses we offer solutions built on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and Workgroup NAS.

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